These are a NON-invasive or Minimally invasive procedures to enhance, restore and beautifying facial features, skin irregularities, depressions and skin complexion disorders.

Palette of Procedures

To Achieve these goals, the Palette of Procedures are composed by:

  • BTX - neurotransmitters blocker
  • Beauty Resonance Therapy
  • Fillers - soft tissue augmentation
  • Micro Fat Injections/ Stem Cells
    Tissue Augmentation and Regeneration
  • Chemical Peeling
  • Dermabrasion
  • Laser
  • Re-Structuring Dermal Serum
    Tissue Rejuvenation and Regeneration

They have the following actions:

These procedures can subtlety or dramatically sculpture and restore facial harmony as an office based procedures, with minimal or no downtime.

They can universally improve the Facial Features and Facial Beauty when used as a combined procedures.

They are very powerful tools, acting on all layers of the skin and soft tissue of the face to get a profound volumetric effects on the deeper structures of the face, as well as, on the skin surface.

They can be used as single or combined procedures.

Relaxing Facial Muscles

By relaxing Facial Muscles, these products can modify lines, wrinkles and Facial Features (Brows position, Smile, etc) produced by the action of the Muscles of Facial Expressions. These Muscles are directly related to Dynamics, Functions and Motions of the face during Humans Emotions (Moods), Social and Environmental interactions.

Restoring Fullness of the Face

By placing the products in different layers of soft tissue of the face, the Facial Volume and Harmony between soft tissues and Facial Features could be enhanced or restored.

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Restoring or Improving the Skin Complexion

This could be achieved by acting directly on the surface of the skin of by enhancing, restore or restructuring deeper vital elements on the deeper portion of the skin. These procedures act by Increasing Skin Cells Turn-over, Thickening of the Dermis increasing Skin Circulation by increasing number and volume of the Blood Vessels on the skin.

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